kaldre: Spade are you there? Sept 23, 2013 16:58:33 GMT
Mordenkaiken's Guinevere: Can't login to roll20, can't connect to vent. sheesh. We might have to do this tomorrow Worm Sept 25, 2013 6:55:56 GMT
morsel: Hey Just Made An Account can anybody tell me howw i can jump into some rollplay onthe forum? Sept 27, 2013 2:54:59 GMT
Mortema: Morsel you still there? Sept 27, 2013 5:52:35 GMT
blade1006: Are there any magistrates present? Oct 2, 2013 20:07:49 GMT
blade1006: Because I have been waiting for the longest time to get approved for the game and given the simple ability to join on roll20 Oct 2, 2013 20:09:50 GMT
Wyran: You know, you don't need an invite to join the game on roll20. There's a link on the bottom of the campaign description which takes you to it. Oct 5, 2013 10:02:08 GMT
Wyran: After that, pm your character sheet to a DM and hey presto, you're approved. Oct 5, 2013 10:02:43 GMT
Mordenkaiken's Guinevere: I am interested to know who has gone up to level 5 in Realms of Calidor in the shortest amount of time? Oct 10, 2013 2:18:35 GMT
seek: That would of been Ku or Silver. Both got powerleveled very quickly. I think one day or two weeks for that. Oct 20, 2013 14:59:20 GMT
Magistrate Wizzle: lol....Silver probably leveled up the fastest, level 1 to 8 in two weeks Oct 22, 2013 0:30:43 GMT
Aegis Gram: ok so the idea of a mages guild has finally happened. Oct 26, 2013 2:40:58 GMT
Aegis Gram: so calidor is dead long live calidor Oct 29, 2013 8:18:01 GMT
grimley: Ooh mages guild, my tiefling wizard would be up to join Oct 29, 2013 15:53:12 GMT
Namhart Elkor: Wait, what about it being dead? Oct 30, 2013 22:59:18 GMT
Aegis Gram: the world turns. A new Calidor comes. Nov 1, 2013 0:55:49 GMT
amarahatoshi: howdy shoutbox Nov 2, 2013 12:28:27 GMT
amarahatoshi: Aegris could i possibly get your skype if you have it? Nov 2, 2013 12:28:51 GMT
Sentar(Spade): It's not dead, it's being reborn Nov 6, 2013 15:49:53 GMT
Namhart Elkor: I'm confused. What's the difference? I mean, does reborn mean we start over, and we can use our characters that had died before? I don't get it... Nov 7, 2013 23:16:20 GMT
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